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Example Student Survey for Remote Teaching Capability

Created by Zachary Michael Kelley (, Lecturer in the Department of CIS & Quantitative Methods . 


We have had so many faculty asking for the survey Zach Kelley sent to his classes that he graciously allowed us to post it here for you all to use as needed.

Message sent to students: 

Ok ladies and gentlemen, we’ve had our semester disrupted, but we’ve got this.  And like I promised in class we’ll boldly carry on (muddle) our way through the rest of the semester.  But to do so I need some feedback.


If you answer nothing else on this, answer these:

Let me know SOON if you are going to have difficulty with internet access for as long as we’re limited to distance learning so I can work around it.

Since I haven’t finalized this yet, you can vote now.  Would you prefer I pre-record lectures and attach assignments?  Do you want me to try to live lecture over zoom only?  Do you want pure reading assignments with homework attached?  Carrier pigeon?  Telegraph?  Let me know.


If you have time, answer these:

Do you have a computer available that can do the same type of work we’ve done so far? (Can you do this at all)

Is it exclusively your computer?  Or will you be sharing it with siblings, etc.  I don’t need details, this just helps me understand how flexible your access needs to be.

Do you have a tablet?  Can it run Zoom?  Can you get into TRACS with it? (Do I need to make allowances for smaller screens)

Will you primarily need to take part in class on your phone?  (Am I limited to very simple assignments with this student)

Do you have broadband?  Is it reliable? (Will video work well, can they get at assignments daily/weekly, etc)

Do you have a private room to attend class from? (Room noise)

Do you have headphones? (Room noise, mic quality tends to be better)

Do you normally work out of the university labs, the library, etc?  (Lets me know if they are not used to the working environment they are moving into)

Is there anything you feel I should know that I missed above?


All of you know my policy on being sick, and we’ll apply it to this.  If you have a job loss, sickness in the house, something that changes your life so you need me to flex with what’s going on but don’t want to talk about it.  Just email me and tell me that “life happened” and let me know what you need.


If you want to talk about it, or need me for anything, just email me.  You know the routine.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay in class.  This isn’t a game ender.  You’ve got this.


Zach Kelley