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Faculty Focus Workshop Series

Fall 2018

Developing Faculty-led Study Abroad and Study in America Programs (11/6/2018)

Spring 2018

Best Practices for the Provision of Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) (3/6/2018)

Do you use textbooks, videos, PDFs, or other instructional materials in your classes? Do you teach online or use TRACS for course management? If so, have you considered accessibility? Join a panel of enthusiastic experts from our campus who can help you to ensure that your courses are accessible and legally compliant for students with disabilities as well as elevate the quality of instruction and inclusion for all students. This experiential and interactive workshop will focus on how the Office of Disability Services (ODS), Office of Distance Education and Learning (ODEL), Learning Applications Solutions (LAS), and the Library can serve as a resource to help faculty in planning and implementing course improvements. The workshop includes a one-hour presentation, followed by Q&A. Panelists and consultants will be available to advise individual faculty after the session. This workshop will be the first in a series on how AIM can enhance quality teaching.

Promotion to Full Professor: Advice for Associate Professors (2/7/2018)

Associate professors who are seeking promotion to the rank of full professor are invited to this interactive and informative session. Attendees will learn about the policies, best practices, and procedures for pursuing the next rank. The University’s expectations for scholarship, teaching, and service will be discussed. Academic unit chairs and/or directors will also find this workshop of value.

Fall 2017

Pursuing Funding from Foundations and Private Sources (11/1/2017)

The purpose of this workshop is to assist and provide Texas State University grant seekers with information on how to properly research foundations, obtain clearance to apply for grants, involve college research coordinators, register for PropStart, request TRIP matches, monitor grants, seek endowed gifts, and pursue various other grant related activities and procedures.

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor: Advice for Assistant Professors (10/5/2017)

Assistant Professors who are seeking tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor are invited to this interactive and informative session. Attendees will learn the expectations for achieving tenure and promotion, including those related to scholarship, teaching, and service.