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Professor to Professor Series

Professor to Professor

Professor to Professor is aneight part webcast series for Texas State University faculty. The series is designed to help faculty develop strategies for overcoming common barriers to scholarly and creative productivity.

Long commutes to campus? A complicated home life? Been a long time since your last publication?

These problems and more plague many of us, yet dozens of Texas State faculty have been successful in taming these problems, navigating around them,and finding pathways toward career success. Join host Dr. Tom Grimes, Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication, as he interviews eight Texas State faculty and administrators who describe a particular problem that hassled them. Watch what they did to overcome their particular obstacle.

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# 2 - "Converting Catastrophe to Success"

# 3 - "Earning Tenure & Promotion"

# 4 - "Pursuing Federal Grants"

Dr. Carole Martin, Professor of Modern Languages,  joins host Dr. Tom Grimes to explore how to convert what appear to be catastrophes (such as not receiving tenure) into manageable events that, unpleasant as they are at the time, do not predict the future.

Dr. Judy Oskam, Professor and Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, joins host Dr. Tom Grimes to describe techniques that chairs and directors can use to help faculty succeed at tenure and promotion. She also considers how to help lapsed tenured faculty recharge so that they become more productive.

Dr. Walter Horton, Associate Vice President for Research and Federal Regulations and Chief Research Officer, joins host Dr. Tom Grimes to discuss how his office can help faculty to seek external grants. He has faced, and overcome, some of the same challenges that faculty encounter in this complicated process and now guides faculty through that process, drawing on his decades of grant experience.

# 6 - "Promoting Healthcare Research"

Dr. Rodney Rohde, Professor, Chair of Clinical Laboratory Science, and Associate Dean of the College of Health Professions joins host Dr. Tom Grimes to talk about promoting more healthcare research, expanding collaborative grant partnerships for the faculty, and enhancing student learning opportunities.