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Impact Factor Series

Impact Factor is a seminar series where we will explore what research universities do. For example, what’s expected of their faculty, what sort of changes we could expect if we became a research university, and so forth. As you probably know, Texas State was designated by the state as an emerging research university in 2011. That means that we will eventually apply to the state for full research university status. If we become a research university, we’ll have an easier time attracting the best students and faculty.

So what would Texas State be like if it became a research university? How would things change? What would the Texas State University Regents expect of our faculty? This seminar series is designed to answer those questions. We’ll bring you one seminar each month during the fall semester. Welcome to Impact Factor.


SEASON 1 (2014)

E2: Alternatives to traditional scholarly publishing: Do those alternatives count in American scholarship (and at Texas State)? (11/1/14) (36:15)

E3: How and why to publish in influential journals: Can you change the scholarly debate? (11/13/14) (35:10)

E4: How to jump start a lapsed research project: Can I ever catch up? (2/5/15) (35:10)

SEASON 2 (2015)

E6: The roles of grants in tenure and promotion at TXST: When will they become more important than publications? (5/8/15) (34:30)

E7: What is art? More precisely, what counts as tenurable artistic activity? (6/9/15) (35:32)

E8: Does the “public intellectual” have a place at Texas State University? (12/7/15) (42:53)