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Honor Code Series

University Honor Code Series

Faculty Development is pleased to introduce an online series on academic honesty at Texas State University and the university's Honor Code policy.

Episode 1 - Collaboration or Collusion? (7/23/2018)

In this first episode, Dr. Lieneck provides a general overview of online resources, beyond the classroom and TRACS, that students may access. He explores some commercial websites where students share (and even sell) course content, including copyrighted material. Instructor best practices are presented, including how to promote more effective and productive collaboration within the university's learning management system.

Episode 2 - Reviewing Policy and Starting the Semester off Right (8/10/2018)

In this second episode, Dr. Lieneck engages faculty participants in an exploration of the university’s Honor Code policy and related processes, focusing on best practices to ensure that students have a successful semester. He provides suggestions for starting the semester including language in the syllabus, introducing the policy in course discussion, and informing students of the importance of academic honesty. These methods not only enhance learning and students’ educational experience, they support rigorous university standards.

Episode 3 - Promoting and ensuring academic honesty in our courses (9/14/2018)

In this third episode, Dr. Lieneck addresses how promoting academic honesty is a critical and ongoing aspect of teaching. He provides specific tips on addressing this topic throughout the semester, especially responding to suspected incidents that often surface around mid-term. He focuses on what faculty need to know about the university Honor Code, what student behaviors constitute academic dishonestly, what to do when you suspect academic dishonesty, and what to expect in process, including potential faculty confusion and discomfort.

Episode 4 - Enforcing policies and maintaining academic integrity (9/30/2018)

Episode 4 - Enforcing policies and maintaining academic integrity (9/30/2018)

In this fourth episode, Dr. Lieneck discusses how enforcing the university Honor Code maintains academic integrity. He provides practical advice on how to follow the university policy, and describes how the process supports both the faculty member and the student when possible disagreements arise. Honor Code violations can be difficult to navigate and particular challenges often surface at the end of the semester. He Identifies best practices to prepare for an Honor Code hearing and provides suggestions on how to streamline the hearing process.