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Let's Do Lunch!

"Let's do lunch" image with brown bag lunch and notebook

Looking for some continuity in these days of remote teaching?

Want to connect to other faculty at Texas State to exchange ideas and be a part of a living learning community?

Seeking ways to provide compassion and self-care to you, your students, and your colleagues?

 Then Let’s Do Lunch!

Every Friday at noon we will meet by ZOOM to visit, exchange ideas, and find ways to take care of ourselves and our students as we navigate this new world of remote teaching and learning. We will have topics based on your suggestions. It will be a time to share what’s working in your classes and to hear ideas on best practices for surviving and thriving in this new learning environment.


This is a come-and-go drop-in affair, so please feel free to attend even if you have to come late because your 3-year old needs a snack or if you have to let your dogs out. Our gatherings will be informal, fun, and informative.


Zoom Link: