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Other Teaching-Related Information and Resources

One of the first teaching-related duties you’ll encounter is building your course syllabus. The Faculty Handbook gives some basic information on what should be included, such as the purpose and objectives of the course. You should be aware that you really don’t have to freelance on this; there’s an official course description in the university catalog. Other required information: required and recommended reading; a calendar of major exams and project due dates; office hours; and policies regarding absences, grades, make-ups, extra credit, etc. Also included should be the University’s honor code and policies regarding disabled student accommodations.  (

As you construct the syllabus, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the academic calendar. You wouldn’t want students to miss Thanksgiving at home because scheduled an exam. So here are the academic calendar and the final exam schedules. ( (

Once you have that syllabus done, you’ll be ready to comply with Texas House Bill 2504 which requires that your vita and course syllabi must be posted on the University’s website. Info on that is here: ( Another good source for official policy on course planning is Academic Affairs Policy and Procedure Statement No. 02.03.01 (4.01) - Conduct and Planning of Courses.( Your academic unit may have additional policies and procedures.

And, it’s probably never too early to start familiarizing yourself with the Texas State Library resources, so here’s that website. (