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Getting Started


There will be a lot of meetings during the first week or so. Some of them apply to all of you, some of them to some of you, some of them optional, some not. The most important meetings are: Convocation, New Faculty Orientation, departmental and college meetings, the LBJ Picnic, and the Program for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship.

The faculty Convocation constitutes the formal beginning of the academic year. Here you will hear “state of the University” remarks from the president and view the presentation of important faculty awards and other recognition. This year you will be in the audience, next year you may be on stage.

Faculty Orientation should actually be faculty orientations since there are a variety of meetings, some for all new faculty, some for tenure track faculty, some for those not in tenure track, some for both and some for international faculty. In all cases, useful, valuable and vital information will be provided and much of it will save you time later. For instance, parking and vehicle registration, classroom technology information, insurance and benefits material may save you the need to visit these offices separately.

The Program for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship is for those of you who are new tenure-track Assistant Professors. The program is actually a mandatory series of workshops that extends through the entire academic year. Calendars and schedules that include most of this are included below. Departmental and college meetings will be communicated to your through your department/school.

And finally, though most of this information is given to you during this hectic first week or two, chances are at least some of it will whiff right through your memory. So we’ve included websites to refresh you on things, like how to get a Texas driver’s license, University identification, etc.