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Policies & Procedures

These materials identify polices, procedures, and expectations at Texas State University. It is helpful to refer to them often. Your academic unit will have additional policies, procedures, and expectations.

Texas State University Policies and Procedures

People usually refer to a University-level policy and procedure statement as a "UPPS." The site catalogs the complete collection of university-level policies, procedures, and expectations.

Refer to these for more about Executive Management, Academic Administration, Fiscal Operations, General Administrative Services, Logistical Services, Community Relations/Public Service, Student Services, and Facilities.

Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures

People usually refer to a Texas State University academic policy and procedure statement as a "PPS." Check here when you want to know more about Administration Organization; Curriculum: Programs and Course Offerings; Academic Requirements and Advising; Teaching; Scholarship Activities and Grants; Honors and Scholarship; Personnel: Employment, Assignment, and Compensation; Personnel: Development, Evaluation, and Promotion; Planning and Reporting; Fiscal Management; and Miscellaneous.

Tenure and Promotion Policy, Procedure and Vita Forms The policies and procedures information and accompanying forms regarding tenure are located in section 4.02 of the PPS list.

You will want to refer to these documents for forms and information about what must be included on your syllabus, the pre-tenure evaluation process and expectations, and the form for your Texas State Vita, as examples.

Faculty Handbook The Faculty Senate put together a Faculty Handbook. You will review the handbook during orientation. It is available at the Faculty Senate website for your reference and convenience. It provides more information about policies, procedures, and expectations.

Round Rock Campus Staff Handbook The Round Rock Higher Education Center has an additional faculty handbook applicable to that campus.

Student Handbook The handbook is a publication of Texas State University, produced by the Office of University Marketing and coordinated through the Dean of Students Office. It provides information about policies, procedures, expectations and resources available to students.